Luxury Living: Things To Do In Beverly Hills, California

Luxury Living: Things To Do In Beverly Hills, California

Nestled within the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills is a haven of luxury and opulence, symbolizing the pinnacle of high-end living. Here, the only hills you'll have to climb are those of style, taste, and extravagant pleasure. Renowned for its palm-lined streets, ultra-luxurious boutiques, and star-studded locales, this iconic city offers a number of activities that epitomize the essence of a lavish lifestyle. If you're wondering about the best things to do in Beverly Hills, California, look no further here's your ultimate guide to indulging in the luxury that Beverly Hills is celebrated for.

Shopping On Rodeo Drive


Rodeo Drive isn't just a shopping street; it's a landmark, almost like a museum of modern luxury. The stretch is only three blocks long, but it's packed with high-end fashion that could rival the runways of Paris and Milan. Take your time to explore each boutique and don't be surprised by the personalized service—some shops might offer you champagne as you browse! And if the price tags are a bit too steep, remember that window shopping is free. You're walking through a location that's as famous in movies as it is in real life.

  • Designer Boutiques: Stroll into world-renowned shops like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Hermes to peruse their latest collections.
  • Luxury Jewelers: Admire the sparkling displays at high-end jewelers such as Cartier and Harry Winston.
  • Personalized Service: Experience VIP treatment with personal shoppers and stylists at stores like Prada and Versace.
  • Iconic Storefronts: Take photos in front of the famous Bijan store, known as the most expensive store in the world.
  • Art Galleries: Visit the fine art galleries nestled between the fashion boutiques, showcasing exquisite pieces.

Top-Notch Eats

dinner 2

The restaurants in Beverly Hills are about more than just filling your stomach—they're culinary adventures. Chefs from around the world showcase their skills here, offering dishes that are as beautiful to look at as they are delicious to eat. Try a place where the chef has earned Michelin stars and see what innovative dishes they've dreamed up. These dining spots are often designed with elegance in mind, with interiors that could be art galleries themselves. And the people-watching? Second to none. You never know when you might be sharing a dining room with Hollywood royalty.

  • Michelin-starred Dining: Reserve a table at restaurants like Spago or CUT by Wolfgang Puck for a star-studded culinary journey.
  • International Cuisine: Explore flavors from around the world at places like Il Pastaio for Italian or Matsuhisa for Japanese.
  • Celebrity Chefs: Enjoy creations by renowned chefs like Thomas Keller at Bouchon Bistro.
  • Exclusive Wine Tastings: Participate in curated wine tasting events at upscale establishments like Wally's Beverly Hills.
  • Rooftop Dining: Experience the city from above with rooftop dining options that offer both fantastic views and exquisite meals.

The Beverly Hills Hotel


This hotel is a celebrity in its own right, often featured in films and frequented by the rich and famous for over a century. Beyond its distinct pink exterior and swaying palm trees, the hotel offers a trip through time with its classic décor and historical photos lining the walls. Relax by the pool in a private cabana or enjoy the timeless Polo Lounge, where the movers and shakers of Tinseltown have brokered deals over power lunches. It's an atmosphere steeped in the glamour of Old Hollywood, and every corner has a story to tell.

  • Historic Suites: Book a stay or tour the famous bungalows where legends like Marilyn Monroe once stayed.
  • Iconic Polo Lounge: Dine at the legendary Polo Lounge, a hotspot for celebrities and power players in Hollywood.
  • Spa Treatments: Indulge in luxurious spa services within the hotel for a day of pampering.
  • Afternoon Tea: Experience the elegance of traditional afternoon tea in the hotel's beautifully appointed living room setting.
  • Poolside Relaxation: Spend a day by the pool, enjoying the Southern California sun in a private cabana.

Greystone Mansion And Gardens


Visiting Greystone Mansion is like stepping onto the set of a period film. The estate is part of American cultural heritage, and its grandeur is evident in the detailed stonework and historical architecture. The gardens are equally impressive, with all sorts of plants and flowers meticulously arranged. It's free to visit, and you can spend hours exploring the grounds, imagining the opulent parties once held here. Greystone is not just a landmark; it's a legacy of the American dream, an emblem of the wealth that defined early Hollywood.

  • Public Events: Attend one of the many public events held at Greystone, from classic car shows to theater productions.
  • Garden Tours: Take a guided tour of the estate's vast and varied gardens, including a rose garden and a formal English garden.
  • Architectural Appreciation: Marvel at the mansion's Gothic and Tudor architectural details and craftsmanship.
  • Film History: Explore locations within the estate that have been featured in countless films and television shows.
  • Photography Sessions: Capture the perfect shot against the backdrop of the mansion's stunning vistas and well-kept grounds.

Art And Culture


Beverly Hills' art scene is vibrant and ever-evolving. The city celebrates its artistic side with public art installations that challenge and intrigue. The Beverly Hills Art Show is a biannual event that transforms the streets into outdoor galleries, featuring work from artists across the country. And the galleries here aren't just selling paintings—they're cultural hubs where you can discuss art with knowledgeable curators or even meet the artists themselves during special exhibitions.

  • Beverly Hills Art Show: Stroll through this outdoor event that showcases hundreds of artists and their works.
  • Galleries and Exhibitions: Visit local galleries like Gagosian or the Revolver Gallery that feature contemporary and classic art pieces.
  • Public Sculptures: Encounter various public art installations throughout the city, including the whimsical 'Dancing Figures' by Julian Opie.
  • Art Walks: Join an art walk event to explore multiple galleries and exhibitions in one evening.
  • Art Lectures and Workshops: Participate in lectures and workshops that are often held at local galleries for both art enthusiasts and artists.

Spas And Wellness Centers

LErmitage Suite Spa 1320x742

In Beverly Hills, wellness is an art form, and the city's spas are like temples dedicated to the art of relaxation and beauty. These aren't your typical massage and facial joints; they offer exotic treatments with luxury ingredients and the latest technology. Spend a day being treated like royalty—get wrapped in seaweed, massaged with precious oils, or have your skin treated with the most advanced anti-aging techniques. It's the ultimate way to reset your body and mind in the lap of luxury.

  • Signature Treatments: Book a Beverly Hills exclusive treatment, like a diamond dust facial or a gold leaf body wrap.
  • Holistic Wellness Programs: Engage in wellness programs that offer a holistic approach to health, including nutrition and fitness consultations.
  • Yoga and Pilates: Join a luxury yoga or Pilates class, often available at top wellness centers.
  • Detox Therapies: Try out detoxifying therapies such as infrared saunas and mineral-rich mud baths.
  • Personalized Skincare: Consult with skincare specialists for personalized regimens using high-end products and treatments.

Beverly Gardens Park


This isn't just a patch of green in the city—it's a 1.9-mile stretch of carefully landscaped gardens, with rose gardens, cactus gardens, and plenty of spots to sit and enjoy the Californian sunshine. The park is also a cultural touchstone, featuring the iconic Beverly Hills sign and providing a backdrop for countless photographs. It's a place where tourists and locals alike come to find a moment of tranquility, to walk their dogs, or to let their kids play by the fountains.

  • Picnic Spots: Pack a gourmet picnic and enjoy the California weather on the expansive lawns.
  • Jogging and Walking Paths: Use the park's well-maintained paths for a scenic jog or a peaceful walk.
  • Garden Features: Visit the Cactus Garden or the Rose Garden for a colorful display of flora.
  • Photography Landmarks: Snap a selfie with the iconic Beverly Hills sign or by the Electric Fountain.
  • Outdoor Concerts: Attend one of the free concerts or performances often held in the park.

Wallis Annenberg Center For The Performing Arts

the wallis

The Wallis, as it's affectionately known, is more than a theater; it's a centerpiece of Beverly Hills' cultural life. With its striking modern design, it stands out even in a city known for beautiful buildings. The programming here is diverse—you might see a classical ballet one night and a cutting-edge one-man show the next. The acoustics and sightlines are top-notch, making every performance feel intimate. Attending a show at The Wallis isn't just a night out; it's an experience that stays with you.

  • Diverse Performances: Catch a range of shows from avant-garde plays to classical music performances and innovative dance pieces.
  • Educational Programs: Participate in one of the many educational workshops or talks that are offered for theater enthusiasts.
  • Architectural Tours: Explore the center's architecture, which blends historic buildings with contemporary design.
  • VIP Experiences: Opt for VIP packages that often include premier seating, backstage tours, and meet-and-greets with performers

Beverly Hills is where you go to live it up. It's got the fanciest shopping, the best food, a taste of history, and all the culture you could ask for. No matter what you're into, Beverly Hills has something special for you. It's a place to dive into the best of the best and have experiences you won't forget. So when you're thinking about what to do in Beverly Hills, get ready for some top-tier fun.