Do You Know Tourism Ruined These 5 Places?
Do You Know Tourism Ruined These 5 Places?

Tourism has its perks, but without proper maintenance and system in place, things can go in the wrong direction. It can become a nightmare leading to a collection of tons of garbage and even the destruction or shutdown of the place.

Let's find out more.


Maya Bay, Thailand

Maya Bay  Thailand

The Maya Bay of Thailand had to shut down because of tourism. This beach with white sands, beautiful views, and breathtaking water was a source of attraction but got so crowded that ending up on today's list became its fate. Leonardo di Caprio also made it famous because of the film The Beach. Luckily, it's now open!


Venice, Italy

The rise in tourism is affecting the city of Venice in Italy. They are taking measures like banning the cruise ships as there would be thousands of people entering the city in a day. With so many people visiting the city, it's hard for those who live there.


Mount Everest, Nepal

Mount Everest  Nepal

People love climbing the mountain without realizing that it's becoming polluted. Waste management is hard on the mountain. There is overcrowding and human traffic jams, giving rise to even the possibility of death.



Iceland is a small country with a population of 366,425 (2020), But in 2017, the number of visitors was 2,000,000, which is a lot for the small country to handle.


Bali, Indonesia

Bali  Indonesia

Bali is a popular tourist spot, and thus, the rise in tourism leads to a collection of garbage. There was even a garbage emergency due to tourism that a team had to clear up this mess.